Why Your E-Bike Needs Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Why Your E-Bike Needs Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Why Your E-Bike Needs Hydraulic Disc Brakes February 26, 2024Leave a comment

Why Your E-Bike Needs Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Fun fact: If you were to encounter a polar bear while riding your e-bike and it challenged you to a race, you could outrun the majestic beast!

While the above scenario is highly unlikely, it is likely that at some point you will unleash the savage power of your exciting e-bike and reach over 28 mph (a speed that exceeds a polar bear’s 25 mph stride). When you inevitably need to slow down to more normal speeds, you’ll be glad that your e-bike is equipped with the most powerful braking system available – hydraulic disc brakes.

These high-performance e-bike brakes are unique when compared to other common e-bike braking systems, such as mechanical brakes. But why are hydraulic brakes best for e-bikes? Why aren’t all e-bikes equipped with them? Read on for answers to these questions and more!

Why E-Bikes Need Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Hydraulic vs. mechanical disc brakes: how they work
Mechanical disc brakes are as simple as an e-bike braking system. When you squeeze the brake lever, the steel cable tightens and presses the brake pads against the disc rotor attached to the wheel, slowing the bike down.

Hydraulic disc brakes are much more advanced than mechanical brakes and use a complex sealing system filled with brake fluid. When you squeeze the brake lever, brake fluid flows through the entire system, clamping the brake pads to the disk rotor, which slows the bike down.

This is what makes hydraulic disc brakes superior to other disc brakes!
Whether you’re charging down a huge hill or cruising through a crowded commute, hydraulic disc brakes offer several advantages over other brakes.

Better Braking Performance
Hydraulic disc brakes consistently provide superior braking power compared to mechanical disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes require less pressure to engage the brake disc and apply that force more evenly. All of this means that a gentle tug on the brake lever produces great braking power, which is very helpful for high-performance vehicles such as e-bikes. In addition to great braking power, hydraulic brakes have excellent fade resistance, so braking performance is maintained even during hard riding.

Better Modulation
Hydraulic disc brakes amplify your finger inputs, dramatically increasing feedback and modulation so you can precisely control the clamping force applied to the brake disc. In short, better brake modulation allows you to reduce speed as needed without locking up the wheels. Thanks to this greater modulation, hydraulic disc brakes allow you to maintain control when braking hard without breaking traction. As any rider who has fallen off an e-bike under emergency braking can attest, this is a very good thing!

Reduced wear and tear
Mechanical disc braking systems use steel cables that are prone to wear and tear, especially when exposed to the elements. After a few off-road trips, dirt, mud, and other debris can easily seep into a mechanical disc brake system. On the other hand, the fluid system of hydraulic disc brakes is much more effective at keeping nasty dirt out of even the most adventurous rides. Hydraulic disc brakes are also easier to set up and require less regular maintenance than mechanical disc brakes, but it’s worth noting that the actual service is a bit more expensive and complicated.

Why don’t all e-bikes come with hydraulic disc brakes?
Many e-bike companies on the market equip their bikes with mechanical brakes because they are cheaper and simpler, but as you know, these braking systems lack in braking performance (braking power, reliability, fade resistance, etc.) and are more prone to braking problems. wear than hydraulic disc brakes.

When you’re zipping along on your ebike at speeds that make it easy to keep up with the pace of residential traffic, you absolutely need excellent brakes that reliably deliver strong, fade-free braking power to help ensure your safety. While it’s tempting to save a little cash by purchasing an inexpensive e-bike with mechanical brakes, don’t sacrifice your safety for small savings!

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