senada electric bikes 26″ 48V Upgraded 1000W Motor

senada electric bikes 26" 48V Upgraded 1000W Motor

senada electric bikes 26″ 48V Upgraded 1000W Motor August 3, 2023Leave a comment

26″ 48V Upgraded 1000W Motor Fat Tire Snow Beach Senada Electric Bike

With its beautiful frame and cool paint job, the SABER will definitely catch the eye. It’s perfect for urban commuting and with its fat tires and powerful motor, it’s also a great all-terrain e-bike.

Conquer all terrains

The Saber is designed to conquer all terrains with ease. The huge fat tires provide excellent grip and shock absorption, while the powerful motor and high-capacity battery ensure a smooth and effortless riding experience.

senada electric bikes

Whether it’s mountains or trails, deserts or beaches, city streets or country roads, the Saber is up to the challenge.

1000W High-Speed Motor
Equipped with an upgraded 1000W continuous power motor (maximum output 1500W) and up to 95Nm of torque, this high-speed brushless geared center motor helps you conquer rough terrain.

48V 21Ah Lithium Ion Battery
Saber is equipped with an upgraded 48V 21Ah lithium battery, providing a capacity of 1008Wh, effectively improving the range, stability and safety of the e-bike. The range is up to 80 miles per charge in electric assist mode and about 45 miles in full throttle mode. We offer a 1-year warranty and a second year segmented warranty on the original battery.

Intelligent LCD Display
Backlit display provides information on speed, range, power and more. Fully programmable, combined with a mechanical foot pedal system that allows full customization of speed options and other safety settings.

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