motorcycle style ebike 6000W Central Motor

motorcycle style ebike 6000W Central Motor

motorcycle style ebike 6000W Central Motor August 23, 2023Leave a comment

Motorcycle Style Ebike with 6000W Central Motor

Feel like a motorcycle rider with the torque and thrill of our new motorcycle style electric bike. Its rugged design houses a beastly 6000W central electric motor that delivers exhilarating acceleration. Turn the twist throttle and feel incredible torque propel you forward up to 45mph. Upgraded hydraulic brakes provide serious stopping power at top speed.

Premium components equip this ebike for high performance. The 60V 35AH lithium battery provides hours of maximum speed. Adjustable front and rear suspension smooths out rough terrain. Durable 26 inch moped-style tires add stability even at 45mph. Integrated LED lighting and horn boost safety and visibility. The detailed LCD display shows speed, distance, battery level, and more.

motorcycle style ebike
When you crave raw torque and speed from an electric bike, this 6000W motorcycle style ebike delivers. Its central motor design concentrates weight for aggressive handling. Massive 6000 watt power propels you faster than a gas motorcycle. Experience a thrilling adrenaline rush every time you twist the throttle to tap into pure electric power.

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