how fast do electric bikes go

how fast do electric bikes go without pedaling

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how fast do electric bikes go

how fast do electric bikes go?

While ebikes are capable of traveling as fast as you like, that doesn’t mean they’re allowed to travel at such speeds. Speed restrictions vary in the US but are generally limited to 22mph (35 km/h) on Class 1 and 2 ebikes. Class 3 ebikes are limited to 35 mph (55km/h). At Gazelle, we only make Class 1 and Class 3 ebikes so that you can go faster with the modulation, dependability, and natural ride-feel of premium pedal-assist bikes.

Class 1: 250W motor (16mph/h)
The Active Line motor is the perfect entry level introduction to ebikes. Optimal for gentle terrain and light city and suburban riding, this motor provides pedal assistance up to 16 mph with 40 Nm of torque and weighs in at just 6.3 lbs. The light weight and reduced size make it exceptionally quiet and efficient.Most of time,the motor is 250-300w,max speed is 16mph/h.

Class 2: 500W motor (22mph/h)

The Active Line Plus motor is the ideal companion for city and suburban riding and light touring. The quiet, small yet powerful drive unit weighs in at just 7.1 lbs and offers gentle acceleration up to 22 mph with 50 Nm of torque. The lightweight and reduced size ensure improved handling in all riding situations.Most of time,the motor is 48V 500w,max speed is 22mph/h.Battery 48v 10ah/13ah.

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Class 3: 2000W powerful motor Performance Line Speed (35mph)
Whether you’re commuting to work, or on a countryside tour, versatile drive systems from Bosch always give you the right support at the right moment. The Performance Line Speed motor supercharges your daily routines with even more power, providing pedal assistance up to 35 mph and 100 Nm of torque. It enables you to reach high speeds quickly, while steep climbs and long distances pose no challenge.
60V 2000w motor for this bike,fast speed,powerful,more and more people like this size powerful bike.

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Like any other bike, an electric bike can go as fast as you can pedal it or coast it down a hill. But the system’s level of assistance depends on which class of bike it is.


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