How does an e-bike get around the hills?

How does an e-bike get around the hills?

How does an e-bike get around the hills? March 6, 2024Leave a comment

How does an e-bike get around the hills?

Ask a group of cyclists and you will get a range of answers. Some will say freedom, some will say health benefits, and others will say going downhill. Very few people see going uphill as their favourite way to ride.

Yes, hills are not always a cyclist’s friend, especially for those who are new to the sport or have recently got back in the saddle. Hill climbing is a gruelling sport that requires proper exercise.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how e-bikes work on hills and how well and efficiently they work.

How do e-bikes work on hills?

Let’s break it down into two parts. How they perform technically on the hill – and what people expect from them.

At the heart of an e-bike is the motor. That’s what separates it from a conventional cycle.

When you use the pedals, the motor generates torque (we call this ‘pedal assist’), which means less effort is needed to push the bike.

How does this work in the mountains? Very well indeed, thank you!

Hills and headwinds that might have previously made you run for the bus or jump in the car become much easier to cope with when you have an e-bike.

Thanks to the electric motor, climbing particularly steep hills with an e-bike requires much less effort than with a conventional bike. Modern high-end e-bikes (such as the ones we sell in our online shop) can climb any hill with ease.


This also applies to our off-road bikes. For example, our mountain e-bikes will help you get to the top of a steep, muddy trail no matter what the conditions are.

Tips for cycling uphill

Whether you own an e-bike or not, there are a few cycling basics that can make your climbs more efficient (and less painful!) It’s not just about leg strength and fitness (unsurprisingly, having both comes in handy on challenging slopes).

Body position is important when riding uphill. The steepness of the hill is a factor here, as is the terrain. When climbing gentle slopes, maintaining a neutral position is fine. But when the going gets tough, you should shift your weight forward to maintain traction on the rear wheel.

Essentially, drop your chest towards the handlebars and keep your elbows bent.

When it comes to off-road climbing, you need to always be aware of the route you are taking. Pedalling cadence is key when you’re going uphill – stop pedalling and your momentum drops and the job becomes more difficult. By making sure you keep your eyes about five metres ahead, you’ll be able to spot tricky terrain that you need to avoid in order to maintain a smooth ascent.
Keep an eye on your tyre pressure. Tyres can have a major impact on how your bike performs on hills (as well as on the flats). The right air pressure for you depends on the terrain, your bike and riding style.

Benefits of climbing hills on an e-bike

There are many benefits to climbing hills with an e-bike compared to a conventional bike. Commuting on hilly routes becomes more feasible due to the reduced effort required. For example, if the route you cycle to work has a steep hill that requires you to dismount or take a lot of time, you may not think it’s worth cycling such a route. However, once the pedal assist kicks in, you’ll be flying up that slope!

In addition, less effort means less sweat. If you’ve ever attended work at 9am covered in sweat, you may regret not driving that morning. Well, with an e-bike, those days are over!

If you’re part of a cycling group or just enjoy bike rides with family and friends, it can be frustrating if you fall behind on a hill. You may even choose to skip the trip if you know it’s a particularly rugged route in which you’ll struggle.

With an e-bike, you’ll find it easier to keep up with everyone else. Not only that, but you’ll be much less tired when you reach your destination, meaning you can make the most of the social aspect of riding with a group.

There are many benefits to owning an e-bike, some of which we discuss in our blog. Check it out here.

Finding the right e-bike for you

Unsurprisingly, in such a fast-growing market, there are a wide range of e-bike models to choose from.

From practical portable folding e-bikes, to retro-styled classics, to electric mountain bikes, you’ll find a wide range of styles and brands on our website.

It’s worth considering what type of electric bike is right for you. There are a range of factors to consider – one of which may be the terrain and gradients you ride most often.

Our advice is to speak to someone in the know.The team at Shuangye are all keen cyclists and Electric bike enthusiasts. We take great pride and pleasure in helping our customers find the best e-bike for them.

If you’re thinking about buying an e-bike but aren’t sure which one is right for you, feel free to get in touch with us by phone, email or live chat. Visit our Contact Us page here.

Happy riding!

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