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36v 350w electric bike 16″ Air-Filled Tires 11.5 Miles Range

36v 350w electric bike 16" Air-Filled Tires 11.5 Miles Range

36v 350w electric bike 16″ Air-Filled Tires 11.5 Miles Range August 14, 2023Leave a comment

Effortless Adventure: Explore With Our 36V 350W Electric Bike and 16″ Air-Filled Tires!

Introducing a new dimension of freedom: our revolutionary 36V 350W electric bike. Designed to transform your perception of urban commuting, bid farewell to traffic frustrations and embrace the invigorating allure of the open road.

With cutting-edge technology and a sleek compact design, this electric bike guarantees not just convenience, but a thrilling and electrifying ride.

36v 350w electric bike

Unveiling the 36V 350W Electric Bike: Navigating Cityscapes with Ease

Step into the world of efficient and eco-friendly transportation as we explore the core features of our 36V 350W electric bike. From its powerful motor to the convenience of air-filled tires, get ready to embrace the future of commuting.

  • Empowerment Through Electric Assistance: Discover how the 350W motor seamlessly blends power and efficiency to effortlessly carry you through city streets, ensuring you conquer inclines and reach your destination with a smile.
  • 16″ Air-Filled Tires: Smooth Ride, Total Control: Dive into the advantages of air-filled tires, providing a smooth and comfortable ride while allowing you to navigate urban obstacles with finesse and precision.
  • Extended Adventures: 11.5 Miles Range: Explore the impressive range of our electric bike, allowing you to venture farther and wider than ever before, without the constraints of traditional commuting methods.
  • Compact Design, Big Impact: Uncover the ergonomic design that fuses style with functionality, offering you a compact and agile ride that effortlessly weaves through traffic and seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.


Positioned at the crossroads of convenience and exhilaration, our 36V 350W electric bike extends an irresistible invitation to reshape your daily travels. Bid farewell to monotonous commutes and wholeheartedly embrace the electric revolution that is shaping the very fabric of urban mobility.

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